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For decades, luxury travelers have traveled north to Iceland, seeking adventure, raw nature, and authentic and sustainable travel experiences. Iceland's natural beauty and unique landscapes are unlike anything else. From glaciers and volcanos to world-class geothermal spas and pristine nature, opportunities abound in Iceland. Luxury by Visit Iceland streamlines all the essential information for Luxury travel professionals.

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Iceland is typically divided into seven geographical regions, including the Reykjavík capital area. Each part differs slightly in culture and landscape, but all are charmingly Icelandic. Explore the contrasts between Reykjavík's cosmopolitan setting and untamed nature, where you can truly lose yourself. See up close, and personal where glaciers tumble into the sea and lava forges new landscapes.

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Our goal is to strengthen Iceland’s standing as a destination for luxury travelers, increase operational efficiency, and emphasize sustainable practices in the Icelandic travel industry.

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Sigurjóna Sverrisdóttir is our dedicated liaison with the luxury markets. Please feel free to contact Sigurjóna with any inquiries you may have about Luxury travel in Iceland

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